training management

Employee Training Management

eSparsh-training is a web based training management software that automates the entire training management process. It enables to track employees’ training needs, fulfillment, feedback’s and training effectiveness. It has post feedback tracking facility to measure and improve the training.

Key features

  • Define training calendar, courses, feedback’s forms, etc.
  • Self-enrollment by employees and HR team short-listing and assigning of employees for related courses.
  • Monitor employees’ training against their position requirements.
  • Track training recommendations from appraisal feedback.
  • Send email reminders relating to class sessions.
  • Track training records and status of employees individually or employees of a specific department or all the employees.
  • Line managers can view the course calendar and recommend their team members for existing or new courses.
  • Manage internal/external faculty, based on their expertise.
  • Track training attendance, training completion and cancellations.
  • Record training credits, training hours, and assessment scores.
  • Capture and analyze the post training feedback
  • Monitor progress made by employees, post training.