Canteen Management

We offer a solution to manage your canteen, food court, and food coupon management, be it subsidized or non-subsidized. It is absolutely 100% paperless solution.The transactions or usage report can be pulled anytime/anywhere.

Key features of our canteen management

  • The software completely automates the process, and brings in a transparent system and paperless canteen management
  • Accurate and actual deduction from the employee, with no manual process of coupon distribution and collection.
  • It brings down your administrative efforts and cost.
  • It saves manpower and increases employee satisfaction
  • The software is web based and can be accessed anytime / anywhere
  • Can be integrated with your payroll system
  • Our Canteen Management System provides a user-friendly interface to manage the facilities and areas covering different groups of employees for an organization
  • It has features to operate multiple counters over a network in a closed environment
  • Automation increases efficiency and reduces redundancies and delays usually found during manual efforts.
  • It saves time in tallying up transactions, reduces errors and ensures smooth work flow